1st book of the children's series "Red's adventures the egg pie!" coming in February

Learning-Focused Stories for Kids in Prior Lake, MN

A love for learning starts at a young age. That’s the idea at the core of DG’s Arts, a platform for author Donna Gingery to share her experience as an educator and passion for children’s development through her stories for kids in Prior Lake, MN. These books include a broad array of content to engage readers with different interactive and educational opportunities.

It’s not just about doing well in school, either. Strong reading skills and critical analysis are the bedrock of smart decision making and crucial throughout a child’s entire lifetime. Donna’s goal is to foster a continual hunger for knowledge and imagination--two things that kids need as they forge a brighter future for tomorrow.

Great Stories for Children, Told at Their Level

For too many kids, the assumption that they don’t like learning or aren’t academically talented is thrust on them early and becomes a crushing weight throughout their education and later life. In reality, children already love to expand their knowledge--you see it in every question they ask about the world around them. When it comes to extending that curiosity to reading, all it takes is a willingness to meet them where they are.

Combining themes that kids relate to with puzzles and content they can understand, Donna offers accessible stories that help readers associate learning with fun. Plus, her affordable children’s books are an easy way for parents to provide material that’s both exciting and family-friendly on a budget.

Building Confidence through Learning

Donna’s journey to authorship came as a result of working with struggling students. As she helped them overcome the issues they faced in school, she discovered that what many children need most is simple: self-confidence. Through her work, she strives to help readers express themselves safely and creatively while also believing in their capabilities.

As they relate to the characters and see the issues they face reflected in engaging stories, your children gain valuable skills that keep them prepared and help them work through academic and emotional struggles. Whether you’re a parent looking for the perfect holiday gift or a teacher interested in starting a library for your students, DG’s Arts is your provider of authentic stories for children.

Contact Donna for additional information about current releases. DG’s Arts proudly serves Prior Lake, MN, and the surrounding areas.